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Every day around 530 Diebel trucks are on the roads of Europe. We are a medium-sized family business. Modern. Hungry for new things. With the courage to make decisions. An eye for mistakes – and their solution. We keep our good mood, even when things get tricky. We tickle the best out of our team. We walk through crises safely – together.

Our customers have been loyal – for many years. With extraordinary projects and ideas, we realise the wishes of our partners. For us it is not hierarchy that counts, but ability. With more than 40 years of experience in swap body transport and over 800 employees at four locations, we shape the system transport in Europe.

Strategic. Systemic. Dynamic.

That’s what we want.

We have deliberately renamed our jobs: We are not looking for simple truck drivers, but swap body pilots. No classic dispatchers, but tour guides. No workshop leaders, but fleet managers. No matter what job you had before: With us everything is a little different. More exciting. More interesting.

That is why we want people who are open. For a modern working environment, online tools, and business processes that we are constantly optimising. For colleagues of different origin, language, education and character. Not just to accept new solutions, but to develop them ourselves. To make our company better by giving everything for our team and our customers.

If you fit in with us, then you think like us: Strategically. Systemically. Dynamically.

That’s what we give.

New with us? Not for long: You will be trained until you feel confident. Your colleagues are great people: reliable, responsible, willing to give, team oriented. People who are worth getting to know better. Therefore, a two-day team event awaits you regularly. And every few years we invite you and your family to the big Diebel company party.

With us you can push your experience and know-how to the limit: You will receive professional and personality-oriented training and further education. With us, skill counts – that is why we maintain flat hierarchies and a well-established culture of conflict resolution. Communication is everything with us, for which you will receive a smartphone with a contract for official use. And last, but not least: With us you have the chance to earn really good money.

That´s what we stand for.

We express recognition not only in numbers. But above all in workplace quality. Working on curved monitors is simply better. The air in our rooms is almost of outdoor quality – thanks to the combination of air conditioning, underfloor heating and ventilation.

We use the newest technologies. Because the environment is important to us. And your health. In the office, in the cab, in the workshop.

We are not perfect in everything. But we do everything we can to keep getting better. Because mistakes are okay. If you learn from them. That goes for you, too.

With us, you get a job that makes sense. Get involved!

Can we do that?

Our industry is all about time. Time creates pressure – not you: When you motivate colleagues, you do it appreciatively. If you plan processes, then efficiently. And networked. You are the reason why our customers are satisfied. No matter what job you are working in. For that you get all our respect and support.

You are the reason why we remain the leader in our market segment. When you communicate, you do so in a friendly way,. When you decide something – and you do, you stand by it. If you discover mistakes, you correct them. You act flexibly, considering conflicts between scheduling, workshop, driver and economy. And you act responsibly.

We offer you a company that sees you. Not just who you are. But also who you can become. [Bist du [ˈdi:bl̩] genug?]

You are not perfect? Perfect!

We are not looking for people who fit our jobs perfectly. We are looking for people who get involved with us. It is not that you meet all requirements today that counts for us. What counts is your curiosity – for us and for yourself. Your courage to take a new step. And your willingness to learn what you will need. Better to dare and make mistakes than to persist and miss the chance.

This is your moment. Now!

Diebel Speditions GmbH

Falderbaumstraße 31

34123 Kassel

Tel: +49 561 50029 - 0

Diebel Speditions GmbH

Falderbaumstr. 31

34123 Kassel


Telefon +49 561 50029-0

Diebel SystemTransport GmbH

Hansestraße 1

14641 Wustermark


Telefon: +49 33233 3030 - 0

Diebel Spedition Damme GmbH

Südring 20

49401 Damme


Telefon: +49 5491 6714 - 0

Transportes Diebel S.L.

Ctra. Lloret a Vidreres

Km 6,3, Oficina No. 9

17411 Vidreres


Telefon: +34 972 167431

Our locations

With our main location in Kassel and our three branches in Wustermark near Berlin, in Damme and in Spain, we enable reliable coordination of all delivery orders for our customers.

Reliability to the satisfaction of our customers across the continent is our top priority.


You´re not into reading?

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Bist du [‘di:bl] genug?

We are sure that you will fit in with us! Maybe you are still unsure. But we would like to get to know you. So just send us your application. You will be surprised at the variety of jobs we have to offer. We are excited about you and look forward to your application and our first conversation!

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