Diebel - dein Job

Backstage star

alias commercial Dispatch employee, location Wustermark

You are the back office for our people on the road: backstage you make sure that everything runs smoothly on stage. The office is your command centre. This is where you mobilise all your strengths and abilities because you know that they need you out there. You are there, you help with support and you think about what nobody else has on their radar. When your colleagues ask you: What do you actually do all day? You have done your job well. Because you keep everything going. Strategically. Systemically. Dynamically.

Your commitment.

  • You are the back office for our people on the street: Backstage you make sure that everything is going well on stage.
  • You ensure that our team is paid on time and in accordance with the contract.
  • Your job is to keep an eye on the quality of our processes and services.
  • You are the good soul on whom the management can always rely.
  • You maintain our offices, workshops and training rooms and keep them in good condition.
  • You make sure that all our technical and communication equipment does what it is supposed to do.
  • You have an overview of projects and processes and intervene so that everyone can work well.
  • You communicate with our customers, with your colleagues, with suppliers or service providers so that everything runs smoothly.

Your qualification.

  • You have completed training in the profession for which you are applying: payroll accountant, bookkeeper, controller, quality manager, assistant, facility manager, IT specialist, project manager … (m/f/d)
  • You were among the best in your year of training or already have professional experience.
  • You like your job and are willing to work in a company that may tick a little differently than others.
  • You are fit in modern working tools and methods or are curious to get to know them.
  • Digitisation sounds like a promise to you.
  • Quality, care, punctuality and a sense of purpose are important to you.
  • You can communicate in German and Polish. If Polish is your mother tongue, we welcome your application!

Your benefits.

  • You have the chance to earn really good money.
  • You will be trained until you feel confident.
  • You will receive professional as well as personality-oriented further education and training.
  • Your colleagues are great people: reliable, responsible, willing to give, team-oriented.
  • You benefit from flat hierarchies and a well-coordinated conflict resolution culture.
  • You will receive a smartphone with a contract for official use.

Unsure whether the job suits you? Don’t be unsure: give us the opportunity to get to know you! Who knows: Maybe we are your big chance.